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Or Other Food Supplement, Read This
And Avoid Sickness and Medical Expenses!
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"You Can Trace Every Sickness,
Every Disease, and Every Ailment
to Mineral Deficiency,"

Linus Pauling
Linus Pauling
Two-Time Nobel Prize Winner

As minerals go down, diseases go up
according to US Dept of Agriculture studies.

"Your mineral needs are even more important than your vitamin needs, since your body cannot make minerals."
- said Dr. Henry Schroeder, MD

So, get your minerals right before you take vitamins!

Announcing...Here at Last Is the Most Complete,
Ionic, Balanced, and 100% Natural
Mineral Supplement - Available in the World Today

CMD Has "72+ Minerals in Every Drop!"


(CMD - Concentrated Mineral Drops)

Here Are CMD's 4 Advantages:

1. CMD is complete - it has 72 Minerals in Every Drop!

It's 55 Times More Concentrated Than
Sea Water - and 99.5% of Its Sodium Removed.

2. CMD Is in "Ionic" Form - So the Cells of Your Body Absorb It Instantly and Fully...

Without Waste Unlike Capsules Or Tablets much of which are not fully absorbed and just pass thru our body as waste.

3. CMD Is BALANCED - in right ratios or proportions.

To illustrate why this is important - do you know that taking calcium alone without magnesium and other minerals can turn into kidney stones?

4. 100% NATURAL - No preservatives, coloring, or taste added. It's harvested from the the Great Salt Lake of Utah, considered the most pure and pristine source of minerals in the world today.

It's aged through solar evaporation in ponds for 2 years before it is purified and processed.

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You may eat a balanced diet but still be deficient
in minerals because many of the food you eat
are grown in mineral-deficient soil.

That's why it's said -
Sick Soil, Sick Plants, Sick People!

Without Minerals, Your Body Cannot Function -
Because Minerals Fuel the Electricity in Your Body!

Your brain cells and nervous system use minerals to send electrical signals to every part of your body. With mineral deficiency your body experiences “brownouts.”

It’s because minerals provide the electricity in your body. And it's needed in processing the protein, amino acids and other nutrients in your body.
Here are TWO reasons why you should replenish your body’s minerals:

#1. Studies show stress rapidly uses up the minerals in your body.
#2. The minerals in the soil are so depleted that today to get the same amount of iron you got in an apple in 1994, you have to eat 26 apples! (Source: US DA, 1997)

Let me summarize once more -
1. HCI’s CMD IS COMPLETE                    

       CMD (Concentrated Mineral Drops) gives you - 72 minerals in every drop! (Laboratory analysis certified by MRI in the U.S.) CMD is even better than sea water with only about 42 minerals.

       CMD minerals are in liquid form and are electrically charged, so your body can easily and fully absorb and use them. In contrast -
       “Most minerals from food are only 8-12% absorbable, while liquid minerals from the sea are 98% absorbable,” said Joseph Marion, author of “Anti-Aging Manual.”
       Minerals in tablets or capsules are not fully absorbed. Most pass through your body wasted.

       CMD is not only complete but also in balanced ratios.
       Calcium, for instance, can turn into kidney stones, if taken without magnesium and other minerals.
       No artificial coloring. No flavor added. No preservative. CMD is harvested from the most pure and pristine part of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, the world’s most pure  source of minerals.


Biotin deficiency leads to dermatitis, eye inflammation, hair loss, loss of muscle control, insomnia, muscle weakness.

deficiency leads to osteoporosis, brittle nails, cramps, delusions, depression, insomnia, irritability, palpitations, peridontal disease, rickets, tooth decay, high blood pressure.

Chromium deficency leads to anxiety, fatigue, glucose intolerance, adult-onset diabetes.

Copper deficiency leads to anemia, hair loss, arthritis, arterial damage, depression, diarrhea, fatigue, fragile bones, hair loss, hyperthyroidism, weakness, aneurysm.

Essential fatty acids deficiency leads to diarrhea, dry skin and hair, hair loss, immune impairment, infertility, poor wound healing, premenstrual syndrome, acne, eczema, gall stones, liver degeneration.

Folic acid deficiency leads to anemia, apathy, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, neural tube defects in fetus, paranoia, shortness of breath, weakness.

Germanium deficiency affects the delivery of oxygen to tissues and in removing toxins and poisons from the body.

Iodine deficiency leads to weight gain, cretinism, fatigue, hypothyroidism.

Iron deficiency leads to anemia, brittle nails, confusion, constipation, depression, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, inflamed tongue, mouth lesions.

Magnesium deficiency leads to anxiety, confusion, heart attack, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervousness, muscular irritability, restlessness, weakness.

Manganese deficiency leads to Atherosclerosis, dizziness, elevated cholesterol, glucose intolerance, hearing loss, loss of muscle control, ringing in ears.

Molybdenum deficiency leads to mouth and gum problems, cancer.

Niacin deficiency leads to bad breath, canker sores, confusion, depression, dermatitis, diarrhea, emotional instability, fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite, memory impairment, muscle weakness, nausea, skin eruptions and inflammation.

Panthotenic acid (B5) deficiency leads to abdominal pains, burning feet, depression, eczema, fatigue, hair loss, immune impairment, insomnia, irritability, low blood pressure, muscle spasms, nausea, poor coordination.

Potassium deficiency leads to Acne, constipation, depression, edema, excessive water consumption, fatigue, glucose intolerance, high cholesterol levels, insomnia, mental impairment, muscle weakness, nervousness, poor reflexes .

Pyridoxine (B6) deficiency leads to Acne, anemia, arthritis, eye inflammation, depression, dizziness, facial oiliness, fatigue, impaired wound healing, irritability, loss of appetite, loss of hair, mouth lesions, nausea.

Riboflavin deficiency leads to Blurred vision, cataracts, depression, dermatitis, dizziness, hair loss, inflamed eyes, mouth lesions, nervousness, neurological symptoms (numbness, loss of sensation, "electric shock" sensations), seizures. sensitivity to light, sleepiness, weakness.

Selenium deficiency leads to high cholesterol levels, cancer, cataract, pancreatic insufficiency (inability to secrete adequate amounts of digestive enzymes), immune impairment, liver impairment, male sterility, growth impairment, age spots, multiple sclerosis.

Silicon deficiency affects connective tissue, nails,skin and hair and the prevention of vascular disease.

Sulfur deficiency affects the body in disinfecting the blood and ridding the body of harmful bacteria and toxic substances.

Thiamin deficiency leads to constipation, digestive problems, irritability, loss of appetite, memory loss, nervousness, numbness of hands and feet, pain sensitivity, poor coordination, weakness, confusion.

Vanadium deficiency leads to heart and kidney disease and reproductive disorders, infant mortality.

Zinc deficiency leads to acne, amnesia, apathy, brittle nails, delayed sexual maturity, depression, diarrhea, eczema, fatigue, growth impairment, hair loss, high cholesterol levels, immune impairment, impotence, irritability, lethargy, loss of appetite, loss of sense of taste, low stomach acid, male infertility, memory impairment, night blindness, paranoia, white spots on nails, wound healing impairment.

And more!

It's Scientifically Proven that You Can Avoid Sickness and Expensive Medical Bills Because
Your Body Can Heal Itself - with the Proper MINERALS and Nutrients!

Just 20-30 drops of CMD a day to your drinks or food provide 72 Minerals and Trace Minerals that your body needs daily. 10 drops 3 times a day. Or 15 drops twice a day.

For children:
1 Drop of CMD for every 2 kilograms of Weight.

CMD tastes good. And it is clinically tested as safe and balanced...without toxicity.

And the price is very affordable and reasonable:

30-ml bottle (500 drops) - P545
60-ml bottle (1,000 drops) - P980 (1-month's supply at 30 drops per day)
120-ml bottle (2,000 drops) - P1800

Approved by BFAD.

Manufactured by Mineral Resources International, USA.
Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

To get your supply of CMD, contact:

Rodolfo Torres
Rodolfo Torres
Author of "33 Amazing Laws"
and Other Self-Help Books

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